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Rethink Waste

The Rethink Waste Project envisions a community that understands the upstream and downstream impacts of using Earth's resources and makes responsible decisions about the consumption, use, and disposal of materials.

We envision a community that makes responsible decisions about the consumption, use, and disposal of materials.

Through education, resources, and engagement activities, our goal is to empower Deschutes County residents, visitors, and businesses to prevent waste and then recover as much as possible.

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Apply for the Community Innovation Fund

Have an idea to reduce or recover waste, but not sure where to start? Apply for up to $5,000 to help fund your project!

Request a Rethink Waste presentation or training

Learn about waste reduction specific to your sector or community.

Make your next event GREEN with reusable dishware!

Request to borrow plates, bowls, cups, and utensils for your next gathering or event. It's free!

Waste prevention and reduction education for Deschutes County residents.

The Rethink Waste Project provides the tools and resources you need to help you reduce waste – and rethink the way you think about waste. From learning easy ways to reduce waste at home, such as composting and simple non-toxic alternatives, to paying attention to your purchasing habits and understanding what it means to buy local, we can all take steps towards the same goal: reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink.


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Not sure what to do with items that aren't collected curbside?

Find a Recycler or Reuser

Think before you throw anything away. Use the search boxes below to find local businesses that reuse and recycle a wide variety of stuff.

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