The climate crisis is immense, but so are the opportunities to make an impact.

Our team works at the individual, organizational, and policy levels with a solutions oriented approach to advocate for and implement practical decarbonization strategies.

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How We're Making an Impact

Home Energy Assessment Program

Partnering with the Energy Trust of Oregon, we work with households in Central Oregon to complete free energy assessments of their homes and then help them access free or low cost energy upgrades.

Deschutes Energy Future

We believe that planning for our energy future with community priorities in mind will result in a more sustainable energy system powered by more renewable energy sources.

Power Hour

Power Hour events bring together experts and community members to learn about a clean energy future. We cover topics from homegrown energy to national policies and everything in between.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Support climate solutions today

Are you passionate about finding innovative tools to address the climate crisis? The Environmental Center is seeking like-minded individuals and businesses to sponsor the Climate Solutions program.

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We organize the Green Building Tour!