About Us

In 1989, The Environmental Center was born to inspire locals to live lighter on the planet. Our work began with a handful of people and a building in the center of Bend. Today, we've grown to become a regional leader in environmental education, engagement, and action. Our team works alongside people of all ages, local businesses, and elected officials to create and advocate for meaningful, lasting change.

Through unique programs and partnerships, we strive to engage as many people as possible in our mission: To embed sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon.

Our mission is to embed sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon. To us, that means driving local change that makes a world of difference.

Meet our talented staff! We put our passion to work every day to protect our planet, her people and the future our children will inherit.

We have a dedicated board of directors who bring their ideas, expertise, and lived experience together to sustain our work year-round.

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