The Eco Central Campaign is about working together to make a world of difference.

– where more people, more businesses, and more elected officials make choices that advance our region and protect our planet.

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goal Goal

Our campaign goal: $6 million for facility investment and program growth.

voices Voices

Listening to our whole community is an essential step as we chart the way forward for our programs and services.

supporters Supporters

Thank you to all who have made generous commitments to build a sustainable future for Central Oregon.

timeline Timeline

Learn about our progress and celebrate milestones along the way!

The Vision

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Renderings from Stemach Design + Architecture
Renderings from Stemach Design + Architecture

114,000 new people are projected to move to Deschutes County over the next 25 years.
What sort of homes will they live in? How will they get around? Will Central Oregon be known just for its outdoor amenities and high quality of life? Or, will we also be known as a community that acts on our values through meaningful actions to reduce our carbon footprint? There is a lot at stake in making the right choices for a sustainable future, here in Central Oregon and beyond.

The Environmental Center is currently in the quiet phase of the Eco Central Campaign, investing in a vision of Central Oregon as a region that is both ecologically sustainable and economically vibrant. This campaign is about shaping the future of our community and planet through education, advocacy and collaboration – all from a new, planned permanent facility that will be a community hub for action.

Interested in getting involved?

Please contact Mike Riley at (541) 420-8565 or email if you have questions!

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