Putting our passion to work.

Passionate? You bet we are. And we put that enthusiasm to work every day to protect our planet, her people and the future our children will inherit. Take a peek at our programs, then jump right in and join us!

We believe Central Oregon can (and should) be a leader in a low-carbon, clean energy future. So, we’ve taken the lead to help local families, businesses and governments use less energy and make the shift to solar.

Rethink Waste
We are in a time when we need to Rethink Waste – what we view as waste, how we can prevent it, and what we can do with it. We’ve gathered all the local tools and resources you need in Deschutes County for all things related to waste, recycling and composting.

Youth Education
We believe that educating kids about sustainability is crucial to a healthy future for people and the planet. We help students understand the connection between humans and the environment, and to make decisions that reduce their impact.

School Gardens
Garden activities and education provide a wide range of positive benefits for kids, communities and the environment. In 2016, we began taking what we’ve learned here on Kansas Ave. to more local schools. Our vision is a “Garden For Every School” in Central Oregon.

Advocating for Change
Across all program areas, our team works every day to not only educate our community, but to advocate for local policies and infrastructure that protect the environment and support economic success.