School Gardens

Our vision is a garden for every school in Central Oregon.

Garden activities and education provide a wide range of positive benefits for kids, communities and the environment. In fact, research indicates that integrating garden-based learning into the school environment generates a variety of positive outcomes for students – including physical, intellectual, psychological and more.

We’ve seen this in action at our own Kansas Avenue Learning Garden. Kids love being outside, tasting fresh food and getting their hands dirty while they learn. And teachers report that our outdoor classroom is a great complement to what students learn indoors!

In 2016, we began taking what we’ve learned here on Kansas Ave. to more local schools through our “Garden For Every School” initiative. Achieving this vision requires a multi-faceted approach that provides several types of support for teachers, schools and gardens. Click the tabs below to learn more about our four key strategies.

Questions about school gardens? Contact Denise Rowcroft.