Kansas Ave. Learning Garden

In 2010, we began to transform a vacant, weed-infested lot next to The Environmental Center into an outdoor classroom. Here, children tend to the seeds they plant, make discoveries through weekly observations and experiments, apply math and science skills, and get their hands dirty.

Through partnerships with nearby Amity Elementary School during the school year and our local Boys & Girls Club during the summer, we connect children to the basis of all life—food.  Kids witness and experience cycles, growth, hard work, weather and patience. They leave the four walls of their classroom and step into the classroom of life.

If you’d like to volunteer in our Learning Garden, join us for Happy Hour in the Garden!

Happy Hour in the Garden is an event that takes place on Tuesday evenings throughout the growing season, March-October. Volunteers get their hands dirty, enjoy a beverage, and give back to the community by helping keep the garden in tip-top shape. Stay up to date on Happy Hour in the Garden dates via our regular e-Newsletter: Living The Green!