Garden Educator Network

Successful school gardens require well-informed educators that can learn from and support each other. That’s why we launched the Central Oregon Garden Educators Network in the Fall of 2016.

Since then we have organized events to come together to provide trainings, networking events for peer-to-peer learning and resource sharing; and garden tours.

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Previous event: Nurturing the Soil, Nurturing the Soul with Shiv Shakti

16 NW Kansas Ave - The Environmental Center

Thursday, January 25th


We partnered with Shiv Shakti, of Shakti Farm Designs, to guide you through an inspiring journey titled "Nurturing the Soil, Nurturing the Soul". This isn't just a lecture; it's a love letter to the land and the magic it holds. Imagine understanding the earth beneath your feet not just as dirt, but as a dynamic, living canvas. Learn how every scoop of soil and each seed you plant can be a step towards a greener, happier life. We're diving deep into the roots of organic gardening, unraveling the mysteries of nature, and, most importantly, having a whole lot of fun while doing it!

This event was free, with beverages and snacks provided. Email if you would like to receive a recording of this lecture.

We are recognized by the Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network as a Regional Hub Lead for Central Oregon.

We work closely with regional hubs around the state for both school garden education and farm to school procurement. This role, as well as our role as a FoodCorps Service Site, is furthering our commitment and ability to serve our local school garden efforts, as well as deepening our experience in the local, statewide, and national Farm to School & School Garden movement.

Through our role as the school garden education regional hub lead, we will continue to organize Garden Educator Network meet-ups, provide technical assistance to teachers parents and schools with school garden questions, send out periodic emails with local events and resources, and stay up to date with statewide and national efforts to further our commitment and ability to serve our local school garden efforts.