Nissan LEAF charge ports

E-mobility and Transportation

With an electric vehicle, there's a lifetime of savings on the road ahead. From the money you spend on gas to the carbon emissions savings, going electric these days has many benefits and incentives.

Getting Started

First thing's first... you need to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle! Locally, we recommend calling the dealership first to see what they have in stock. The Bend Kia, Hyundai, and BMW dealers often have electric models in stock.

If you're headed to Portland, you can check out Forth Mobility, where you can test drive one of their 7 EV and plug in hybrid options.

Did you know?

We work to organize Ride and Drive events throughout Central Oregon throughout the year. We often have these events as part of our larger events like Earth Day, the Green Tour, and more!

Electric School Bus Project

The Electric Bus Learning Project (EBLP) helps interested bus fleets in many parts of Oregon to start electrifying. We do that with virtual learning forums, trainings, and personalized consultation including site visits.

Check out upcoming events and speakers to learn more about the EBLP and what's happening in Central Oregon.