The Electric Bus Learning Project (EBLP) helps interested bus fleets in many parts of Oregon to start electrifying. We do that with Electric Bus newsletters, trainings, and personalized consultation including site visits.

Of Oregon’s 9,492 buses (7,492 school buses and about 2,000 public transit buses), only about 25 will be electricBy the end of the 22-23 school year. The rest run on internal combustion engines, mostly diesel.

Electric buses cost less to fuel and maintain. With no tailpipe emissions, they are healthy for passengers, drivers, climate and communities alike. However, e-buses cost a lot up front, and it’s hard work for a fleet to electrify (the pandemic has already made the work of bus fleets harder). The EBLP supplies information, support and a learning community. Fleets that participate become well prepared for the funding opportunities that are emerging.

How do I fund an electric bus?

We held a webinar discussing the different sources of funding for electric bus projects in Oregon. This presentation and panel discussion helped set the stage for the current funding streams available for electric bus funding.