The Rethink Waste Project offers several services to the Central Oregon community, from technical assistance grants to printable signage.


Learn more about the work we do:

The Community Innovation Fund (CIF)

The Environmental Center’s Rethink Waste Project will provide a total of $40,000 awards to individuals, businesses, or community organizations to implement waste reduction or recovery projects throughout Deschutes County.

Reusable Dishware Checkouts

We offer durable dishware kits in an effort to encourage the community to make the switch from disposables to reusables. Three (3) kits are available in sets of (25) place settings. A kit includes: cups, bowls, plates, spoons, forks, and knives.

Repair Café

A community event connecting people with broken stuff to people who like to fix stuff!

Rethink Waste Food Waste Challenge

Our free 4 week home challenge is designed to help you find out what — and how much — food is going to waste in your home. Over the course of the month, you will receive one email per week with tips and tricks on how to reduce your wasted food.

Trainings & Presentations

We provide education and engagement opportunities, including tabling, web and print resources, community presentations, advertising, technical assistance, and more!

Find a Recycler/Reuser Tool

This database provides numerous opportunities for Deschutes County residents and businesses to reuse or recycle common items.

Rethink Waste Guides

We’ve created various in-depth guides to help individuals, property managers, event hosts, and others to rethink waste. These guides are free to download and share.

Printable Signage

Clear signs for your trash, compost, and recycling are important to make sure the right thing gets to the right place.