Why Rethink Waste?

The more we reduce waste in the first place, the greater the impact.

Rethinking waste is about changing our relationship with stuff. It’s about taking time to recognize the upstream and downstream effects of our consumption and avoiding waste in both directions.



Why start with “reduce”? Prevent waste in the first place! Starting with reducing what you buy has the biggest impact on your waste footprint.


Reusing is an important part to rethinking our waste. Reuse is nothing new, in fact humans have reused and repurposed things for many, many years. Think about whether the materials you throw away can be used again, either by yourself or by someone else.


Repairing your stuff (rather than throwing it away and buying something new) saves natural resources, prevents waste, and cultivates community.


Learn about what is accepted in your curbside recycling bin and what stays out, drop-off locations closest to where you live, and more! Learning to recycling right in your community goes a long way.


Composting at home is the most efficient way of recycling your organic matter.  There are many great ways to compost at home, depending on your household needs.