No matter where you work, there are likely many opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle — and rethink. The Rethink Waste Project has worked with various sectors over the years to develop best practices around waste, and to figure out the most impactful changes that a workplace can make.

One great example is our pilot project with local breweries and distilleries to create a system to recycle their plastic film!

Download our Sustainable Business Guide

A little pre-planning and strategy can save resources and create more efficient, and sustainable workplace procedures. Our guide covers:

  • Waste — prevention, reuse, recycling, and toxics
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Building and Remodeling
  • Transportation

*Updated guide coming soon!

Schedule a free Rethink Waste presentation

We offer free presentations (in person or virtually) on the following topics, but we can cater to your interests and needs:

  • Wasted food issues and prevention
  • General waste reduction ideas
  • Recycling, its importance and how to do it right
  • Current events around waste and what you can do about them

Our full presentation is about an hour long and covers all of the topics above. Learn more about our presentations and trainings by downloading the informational PDF here!

Contact to schedule.

Set up your workplace for success

Some "low hanging fruit" we recommend starting with are things like offering reusable dishes (for staff and for customers), thrifting your office furniture instead of buying new, and switching to buying office supplies that are made of recycled materials.

Other steps toward sustainability take a bit more planning, but those include things like:

  • Setting up a successful recycling program. You can download and print helpful signage for your bins on our Signage page!
  • Compost! Commercial compost pick up is available within Bend and Redmond city limits.