How to Rethink Waste

Turn your knowledge into action

The Rethink Waste Project provides waste prevention and reduction education for Deschutes County residents. We offer ideas for preventing waste in the first place, and options for responsible material management.



From big to small changes, there are many ways you can reduce waste at home. Over time, you may find that you save money too! Here are our top tips for reducing waste at home.


Make system changes at school by setting up waste and recycling stations in each classroom, implementing composting practices, and reducing food waste in the cafeteria.

Event Hosts

Central Oregon is filled with fun events, but let’s face it: all those events create a lot of waste. Event organizers can reduce waste from the get-go with extra planning and forethought, and we’re here to help you.


No matter where you work, there are likely many opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle — and rethink. One great example is our pilot project with local beverage companies to recycle their plastic film!


Hello and welcome to Central Oregon! We’re glad you’re here. We love where we live and we hope you do to, so we want to share with you the top ways you can help us keep this place so wonderful.

Lodging & Property Managers

Whether you operate an AirBnB, a 4 bedroom quadplex, or a luxury hotel, we have some great tips for you! We've also worked closely to create best practices for Multifamily Housing complex managers.