Clear signs for your garbage, compost, and recycling are important to make sure the right thing gets to the right place. One major challenge is that recycling infrastructure is different across the state and across the country - meaning that what is collected for recycling in Bend is different from what is collected in Madras, or Prineville, or Portland, or Newport. So, it’s important to learn to recycle right across communities, especially when we travel.

Sorting waste properly helps ensure the recycling system operates smoothly. Set your family, community, guests up for success to recycle right by posting signage. This signage applies to recycling and composting guidelines throughout Deschutes County.

Signage for your home.

Great for any type of household.

Signage for the businesses, public spaces, events.

Recycling, Landfill, and Compost signage with several options for compost depending on your needs.

These signs are good for the workplace, businesses, or events.

Event Signage

Borrow our Recycling Station!

We have FREE weatherproof signage and infrastructure to hang them over your collection carts good for indoor or outdoor occasions. Increase visibility and decrease contamination!

You may have seen our waste station at Earth Day, 4 Peaks, or Worthy Brewing’s 4th of July party, among others!


Bin Labels

Download our simple labels for Reuse, Recycling, Compost, Glass, and Landfill.

Plastic Film Recycling

Signage for beverage manufacturers and distributors participating in the Plastic Film Recycling Program. See the Plastic Film SOP for more info.

Download our signage for plastic film collection that will be diverted from Knott Landfill to Far West Recycling.