Lodging and Property Managers

Whether you operate an AirBnB, a 4 bedroom quadplex, or a luxury hotel, we have some great tips for you! In 2022, we launched a pilot project with Campfire Hotel, Mt. Bachelor Village, Tetherow Resort, The Bird’s Nest Airbnb, High Desert Museum, and the Visit Central Oregon Visitor Information Center to help both lodging managers and visitors rethink waste!

We've also worked closely to create best practices for Multifamily Housing complex managers, recognizing the growing population also means a growing number of these dwellings.

For tourist destinations and visitor lodging

  1. Download the Guide for Lodging Sites Rethinking Waste*
  2. Encourage reuse! What can you make easily available to your guests: shopping bags, foodware kits, coffee mugs?
  3. Figure out your food waste. For large hotels: do you know about commercial composting options? Try to offer a compost bin for your guests and have composting set up in your on-site kitchen. For smaller places like AirBNBs in Bend, Redmond, and Sisters city limits: did you know we can put wasted food in our curbside yard debris carts? Provide a countertop compost bin in your kitchen.
  4. Use refillable containers. From soaps in your bathrooms to cleaning supplies, making the switch to refillable dispensers instead of single-use will save you money and waste.

*Updated guide coming soon!

For multifamily housing complexes

  1. Download the Multifamily Housing guide here!
  2. Make sure you have very clear signage.
  3. Provide at least one 95 gallon recycling cart for every 5 units! Remember: recycling containers don’t cost you extra
  4. If you have space for a cardboard dumpster, get one!

A great thing to keep in mind: increased diversion of recyclables can mean fewer trash pick up days, which saves you money!