Reuse Tips

Reuse is nothing new!

In fact humans have reused and repurposed things for many, many years. Think about whether the materials you throw away can be used again, either by yourself or by someone else.

Reusing can also be a part of daily life. For instance, using a reusable coffee mug instead of a paper cup each day can save hundreds of pounds of paper from going to the landfill.

Rethink about these things regarding reuse:

  1. Give items a second life through repair, donation, or gifting.
  2. Instead of disposable items, choose durable items.
  3. Before you buy new, can you get it second hand?
  4. Make reuse a daily habit! Make a "Zero Waste On-The-Go" kit for your bag or vehicle.
  5. Check out our FREE reusable dishware kits for gatherings of up to 100 guests!

The bigger picture

The bigger picture: individual actions are a great way to contribute to a low-waste society, but it’s going to also take policy-level actions to create meaningful change. Learn more about the Oregon Senate Bill 545 which updates our health code to enable customers to bring reusable and refillable containers for food.

Here are a couple of fun upcycling tips for those tricky things like clamshell packaging:

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