Reduce Tips

Reduce: produce less waste.

Why start with “reduce”? Prevent waste in the first place! Starting with reducing what you buy has the biggest impact on your waste footprint.

Borrow before you buy at the Deschutes Public Library

Would you like to try your hand at knitting? Or try an air fryer before buying one? Maybe you’d like to give a Cricut a whirl or learn to play the guitar. With Library of Things, you can check out more than books!

Think before you buy

Do I really need this? Can I borrow this from someone?

Buy with intention

When making any purchase, do some research. What are the upstream and downstream impacts of the item?

Buy local

Locally made goods don’t have to be shipped far and generally consume less packaging.

Consider packaging

When considering an item or comparing several, can you find the same item with less packaging?

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk or “value pack” can save money — bulk items also typically have less packaging.

Go for longevity

If you can, choose durable over cheap or disposable. Purchase durable products that can last a lifetime. You’ll probably end up spending a lot less over time, and aren’t wasting time replacing inferior goods that just don’t last.

Refill or reuse

Purchase products with packaging that is refillable or reusable. Think Talenti sorbet, which has a screw-top lid, over another brand with a plastic film-lined cardboard that will go straight to the landfill.


Opt out of junk mail

The average household receives 41 pounds of junk mail per year!

Opt-out of catalogs, choose paperless billing, and unsubscribe to junk mail.

How to reduce waste while camping!

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