Recycling Tips

The truth about recycling: it's community-dependent!

Recycling puts materials that would have ended up in the garbage back into the manufacturing loop. This means less virgin material has to be mined or harvested.

Being a wishful recycler means you put items in your bin even if you are unsure, or if you think it’ll make the recycling system change. This makes things worse by jamming up the system! Learn how to recycle right in Deschutes County.

What does the "chasing arrows" symbol mean?

The universal recycle symbol does not inherently indicate that a product is recyclable; there is no regulation around its use. A number inside correlates to what type of plastic resin is used in the product. A % inside indicates how much of the product is made from recyclable materials. In Deschutes County, we do not recycle by number. Remember: just because it has the logo doesn’t mean it is recyclable in your curbside cart! 

Buy recycled: closing the "loop"

Recycling is most effective when we purchase products that are made from recycled materials. When purchasing, look for the recycle symbol that indicates the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled content you can find.

Not sure what to do with something?

Download a Rethink Waste Guide, helpful commingled recycling illustrated sign, or use our Find A Recycler or Reuser tool when you aren’t sure.

No curbside services? No problem!

Don’t have curbside recycling service? You can still recycle all materials accepted in curbside commingled carts (free of charge!) and many more items throughout Deschutes County at Deschutes Recycling and at various transfer stations.

When in doubt, keep it out!

Contact your garbage service provider for further information on curbside recycling service.

Consult the Rethink Waste Guide for more helpful information about your local haulers, hazardous and toxic material disposal, construction waste, and a map of our current recycling depots in Deschutes County.

Learn the recycling "Do's and Don'ts" for Deschutes County

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