Community Innovation Fund (CIF) Project

Rethink Your Drink

  • Year


  • Applicant type

    Non-Profit Organization

  • Location


  • Waste Action


  • Funds Used For

    Reusable ceramic mugs

  • Impact

    18,250 single-use styrofoam cups eliminated per year

Reusable ceramic coffee mug, in front of a Rethink Your Drink sign, next to self-serve coffee airpots

Sunriver Owners Association

Project Details

Sunriver Owners Association was able to use the Community Innovation Fund to implement their “Rethink your Drink” campaign, eliminating all single use styrofoam coffee cups and only offering re-usable ceramic mugs for coffee. They were able to use this to start a more collaborative effort involving other stakeholders in a larger campaign to promote environmental sustainability in Sunriver. By providing a more eco-conscious sustainable option for people to use, they were able to help raise awareness in people’s attitudes regarding simple sustainable choices as part of the larger picture.

Additional project implementation details

Aim: To replace all disposable single use styrofoam coffee cups with reusable ceramic mugs  with “Sustain Sunriver” and “Rethink your Drink” messages to help promote environmentally sustainable practices within Sunriver.

Making it happen: The Sunriver Homeowners Association’s Sustainability Committee spearheaded the project and here are the steps they took once they received the grant:

  • Created a Rethink your Drink campaign including designing graphical and print elements for it.
  • Ordered reusable ceramic mugs, made in USA, and with the messages “Sustain Sunriver” and “Rethink your Drink”
  • Upon receiving the grant and the new mugs, they revamped their coffee stations with the re-usable ceramic mugs and took away the option of any single-use disposable cups. They put up signs promoting our “Rethink your Drink” campaign, and put an article in our local newspaper the “Sunriver Scene”.

Lessons Learned: Unfortunately, shortly after their new “Rethink your Drink” program was launched, Covid-19 shut down their facilities and coffee stations to the public. They had to make some adjustments, changes, and delays in the execution and implementation of their Rethink your Drink campaign, but were still glad to make the switch.

Here’s a video featuring the project with more information: