Blue Bins for Blue Bags at Tetherow

Blue redeemable BottleDrop bag hanging between two blue recycling bins

Tetherow Resort will install 8 more recycling bins across the property to recycle redeemable bottles and cans, and donate proceeds to local nonprofit organizations.

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A Garden Compost with Worms

A subpod garden compost with herb plants inside a room with books on a shelf behind it

COIC Skills Lab implemented a composting project using a SubPod vermiculture station with worms, diverting 500 pounds of waste each year and reaching and educating 150+ youth and 25+ staff in the process.

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COCC Recycling Education Program

recycling sorting station in a COCC campus building

COCC designed and installed signage across campus to reduce recycling contamination and increase diversion of recyclables from the landfill, with a pilot of new recycling stations in key areas of campus, followed by a roll-out to other areas of campus.

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