Community Innovation Fund (CIF) Project

Agricultural Packaging Repurposing Program

  • Year


  • Applicant type

    Non-Profit Organization

  • Location


  • Waste Action


  • Funds Used For

    Outdoor storage shed

  • Impact

    100 waxed boxes AND 200 egg cartons reused each week

A storage shed with a sign that reads: "Locavore Agricultural Packaging Recycle Program in collaboration with The Environmental Center"

Central Oregon Locavore

Project Details

Central Oregon Locavore will set up an outdoor storage shed to decrease the number of waxed produce boxes that are going to the landfill, while simultaneously saving local farmers and ranchers significant expenses. This project will allow Locavore to:

  1. Store more packaging that will meet the demands of the farmers/vendors
  2. Keep the packaging clean and dry, increasing the number of boxes that can be re-used and are not ruined by the elements
  3. Allow 24hr access to the packaging by all farmers, ranchers, and vendors to better fit their schedules and increase participation in the repurposing program.