Recycling keeps materials that would have ended up in the garbage in the manufacturing loop, requiring fewer new raw materials to be used. Here are two HUGE things to keep in mind so we can keep the recycling system well lubricated:

Don’t be a “wishful recycler”.

A wishful recycler is someone who puts items in your cart even if you are unsure or if you think it’ll make the recycling system change. Be sure what you’re putting in your recycling bin is accepted in your recycling program. Adding things you think “should” or “could” be recyclable makes things worse by jamming up the system.

Know what is recyclable in Deschutes County.

Did you know that the chasing arrow symbol does not mean a product is recyclable? It just tells us what type of plastic is in the product. In Deschutes County, we do not recycle by number.



Help close the recycling loop not just by recycling right, but also by buying materials made from recycled materials.

Recycling is most effective when we purchase products that are made from recycled materials. When purchasing, look for the recycle symbol that indicates the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled content whenever reasonable and available.