Working towards Goal #1

We’re on day three of our campaign and we’ve raised $365 so far – thanks to all our generous donors! We still have a long way to go to hit our $7,000 goal by August 29th. (Remember, we need these funds before the school year begins!)

We’ve broken up our campaign into three goals. Right now we’re working toward Goal #1: We need $3,500 to develop, market and deliver 10 outdoor school days for 6th graders. When we hit this dollar amount, Children’s Forest of Central Oregon will provide us with an additional $3,040 for substitute teachers and bus transportation during the outdoor school day. Once we accomplish this first goal, it’s on to Goal #2! A big thanks to the Children’s Forest of Central Oregon for providing matching funds during this campaign. Read more about the budget to better understand our needs this school year.

We need to hit our goals in order to give more local kids access to outdoor school days. And we really can’t do it without your support! Please donate today and share with others who may be interested in getting involved. Thank you for helping us bring outdoor school to more youth in Central Oregon!