Charge Ahead Expansion

Fall 2019 Oregon EV Rebate Program Updates

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission approved the expansion of the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, making it easier for people to purchase electric vehicles. Oregonians who bought or leased eligible electric vehicles between Jan. 1 and Aug. 2, 2018, will once again be allowed to apply for rebates through March 30, 2020. In addition, those purchasing or leasing a new or used plug-in hybrid electric vehicle on or after Sept. 29, 2019 will be eligible for the Charge Ahead Rebate, which offers $2,500 back to low- or moderate-income applicants.

What Does this Mean (early purchases expansion) ?

  • For those who bought qualifying vehicles in the first 6 months of the rebate program are now eligible to reapply. The reasoning behind this shift was that because the program was new and under litigation for those first 6 months, many dealerships didn’t educate their customers in enough time for folks to apply.

What Does this Mean (Charge Ahead Expansion) ?

  • The previous rules only allowed full electric vehicles (no plug in hybrids) to be eligible for the additional income qualified Charge Ahead program.
  • This will expand Charge Ahead to include Plug in hybrids!
  • The rebate will be $2,500 regardless of battery size
  • This will only be applicable for Plug In hybrids sold or leased after 9/29/2019.

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