5 Actions to Support Your 2022 Rethink Waste Goals

Heading into the New Year, we might feel inspired to adopt goals in many areas of our lives. Sometimes, these goals become pretty broad, which can be difficult to act on. Do you want to set a zero-waste goal, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are 5 specific actions you can take to rethink waste this year! I invite you to choose at least one to stick with it through the year.

  1. Opt for groceries and products that are packaged in glass or aluminum. These materials are preferable to plastic for several reasons. For one, there are more effective solutions for glass and aluminum packaging reuse and recycling, compared to plastic packaging.
  2. Learn to properly store food. Proper food storage keeps fruits, veggies, and more fresh longer, helping you prevent food waste. Learn what goes where in and out of the fridge with this Food Storage tool by the Seattle Public Utilities Department.
  3. Keep your recyclables loose! Stop bagging recyclables placed in your curbside recycling bin. Empty your indoor recycling bin directly into the curbside bin and reuse that bag. Better yet, don’t line your indoor recycling bin with a bag at all. This can also help you remember to place only clean and dry materials in the mixed recycling bin.
  4. Choose to borrow instead of buying new. Next time you need a tool, appliance, or something else you won’t regularly use, consider whether you can borrow or rent it instead. Here’s one place to start – the Deschutes Public Library system maintains a Library of Things.
  5. Spread the word! Teach your family and friends how to recycle right in Deschutes County. Download a Rethink Waste Guide here with tips to share or email udara AT envircocenter.org to schedule a presentation in your class, office, or community group.