Action Alert: Support the Reach Code Bill

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Urge your elected officials to support the “Reach” code” bill – Legislative Concept (LC) 39 – in Oregon’s Legislative Short Session next month!

Update: This bill is now named SB 1518.

Reach Code is a priority bill for The Environmental Center, Oregon Conservation Network, and many cities across the state. It will support communities like Bend in reducing climate pollution by making their buildings more energy efficient from the start of construction.

Buildings are a significant source of climate and air pollution, predominantly from burning methane gas and other fossil fuels. The energy used in our buildings accounts for more than half of our community’s greenhouse gas emissions! The State of Oregon is currently holding cities back from enacting more robust energy efficiency standards for buildings. The Reach code bill will allow Oregon cities to reach for climate action by adopting stronger energy efficiency building standards within their jurisdictions.

Help us advocate for better, more efficient homes and commercial buildings when the legislative session begins on February 1, 2022. Contact your state and city elected leaders today. Tell them you support SB 1518 because:

  • Advancing state energy codes will help Bend and other cities in Oregon achieve their community-specific climate goals. Reducing home energy use is a key action in Bend’s Community Climate Action Plan.
  • Addressing energy efficiency from the get-go is the least expensive time to do so and will reduce their climate and air pollution for decades to come. It’s a win for climate and affordable living.

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