Springtime Reuse in the Garden

Spring is in full-fledged now. Frosty nights (my chicken’s water was frozen over this morning) make way for warm days and sprouting seeds. As you move through your garden deciding on new places to plant, expand, and build, I challenge you to find places creative reuse.

Why should I care about reuse?

  1. The newest DEQ report for our local landfill revealed Deschutes County residents threw away 179,991 tons of waste.┬áThe good news is that we recovered (either through recycling or composting) 83,472 tons. That’s a recovery rate of 31.7%, but our goal is 45%! As a community, we need to work together to lower the amount of waste we generate AND do our best to divert waste through recycling, composting, and (most fun of all) repurposing.
  2. Repurposing is fun! It’s a creative outlet. You can head down a serious rabbit hole if you start in on Pinterest reuse ideas.

Ok I’ve got my armor on: hit me with some ideas, Ani!

Here goes! Below are all the examples of creative reuse in our Kansas Avenue Learning Garden at The Environmental Center:

One side of an old broken bed frame supports the end of a garden bed and old tires become seats for weeding!

What creative reuse do you see in your garden?