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There are many reasons to thank Nikola Tesla when it comes to modern technology, had capitalistic greed not stood in his way, Tesla’s contributions to society could have gone significantly further. Despite his mental breakdowns later in life that were likely caused by detractors and capitalists who refuted his utopian visions for society, Tesla created a plethora of inventions, with the goal of transmitting energy to the world at little to no cost.

While Tesla is known for his advancements regarding AC power, radio transmission, and induction motors, there is one vision of his that hasn’t fully come to fruition–the wireless transfer of energy. While the Tesla coil is commonly recognized and found at most science museums, the basis of the technology behind it is still in its infancy of development for practical use.

Wireless charging has just over the past few years become a feasible technological product, but its scale has yet to reach the level at which Tesla originally envisioned it. While some companies have used the concept to create wireless charging devices for cell phones and small electronic devices, Tesla’s original intent was to provide a wireless network of power for anyone in the world to tap into.

Fast forward eleven years after Nikola Tesla’s death in 1943, the researchers at Bell laboratories in New Jersey introduced the world to the first “solar cell”. The Bell labs solar cell had the ability to “wirelessly” harness photons in the sun, to create electricity in the solar cell. Their first demonstration was to power a toy Ferris Wheel and small radio transmitter. While not the same version of “wireless” that Tesla had, utilizing the photons in the suns’ energy is another path in the use of the technology. In the years since the introduction of that first solar cell, the solar industry has emerged as a vital part of our need and desire to provide cost effective and clean energy worldwide. With cost reductions, technological innovations and market adoption, solar energy is now the clean and sustainable energy source for today and the future.

For the first time ever, in 2016, solar energy contributed more new energy generation than any other source in the United States.

As the solar industry continues to grow and find new applications like combining batteries for grid resiliency, inverters that can shift loads to available renewable energy, and hybrid systems that can determine the cheapest form of energy to use at any given time, the potential of the solar industry is energizing.

Like Nikola Tesla, E2 Solar has a vision and a purpose to propel “wireless” solar energy forward. We use the history of the past to help define the future. Since the very first Central Oregon “Green and Solar Homes” tour in 2000, E2 Solar has been part of transforming our communities to the solar version of “wireless” energy.

Guest content from E2 Solar, presenting sponsor of the 2018 Green Tour.

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