Green Holiday Tip #4: Handmade Holiday

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Make it Yourself

I don’t know about you, but my favorite gifts to give are the ones I make myself. They are free for me, personalized, and fun to make. It is hard to give up such refined finery, but in the end, I only have so much wall space. And it’s not just me that so admires the hard work, love filled, and factory free gifts, but everyone else as well (at least that’s what they tell me).  But for those of you don’t have time, are less artistically inclined or who only have one talent and everyone already owns a piece of it from last year (like me), websites like have made it easy for everyone to give handmade gifts, even if you didn’t make it yourself.

Handmade Online

On Etsy you will find super cute stuff that makes you wonder “Wow! How did they come up with that! I want!” And then you will remember that, for now, you are buying for someone else that you think would totally pine for the same thing. In January you can get it for yourself, but until then get totally jealous of all your loved ones that are receiving such unique, creative gifts from the ever thoughtful you. I never felt like learning to crochet, and maybe you didn’t either, but that’s OK because somebody else did, and they are selling crocheted items on Etsy! Find clothes, bags, housewares, toys, soaps, pottery, jewelry, and more. From gals to dudes, kids to pets, hippy to geeky and everyone in between, there is something handmade (or vintage) for any type on Etsy. You can even narrow it down to shop local through the world market that the website is. You can even support Bend’s crafty folk online. Who knows? You could be buying from your very own insurance agent or barista. How ‘bout that?

Local Handmade

Locally, The Feather’s Edge Finery in Downtown Bend on Minnesota showcases some great local art and handmade goods. I can’t walk into that store without “ooh”ing and “aah”ing my way through all the fun talent. Mark your calendar for local holiday bazaars where handmade goods are sold, like Craft-O at The Workhouse & the Locavore Holiday Gift Faire, both on December 12th & 13th 2015.

There are a lot of benefits to buying handmade gifts. They are unique, you are supporting free enterprise and individual talent rather than large corporations, they are made with care and attention rendering them higher quality, and are usually more environmentally friendly made with more biodegradable products and have minimal energy and waste output. The list does not end there are neither do the possibilities of fun gifts when you buy handmade.

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