Save money and support clean energy with Oregon’s Community Solar Program!

Red Prairie solar array

What is the Oregon Community Solar Program?

This unique program allows you to subscribe to a new Oregon Community Solar installation and use that electricity in your home. Anyone in Oregon who pays a utility bill to Pacific Power or Portland General Electric is eligible to participate, including renters. This ratepayer-funded program has no cost to participate and saves you money on your electric bill while supporting new solar development in Oregon. Low-income participants get extra savings, but everyone will see a cost decrease on their bill. 

You may be familiar with Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program for green electricity, and you may already be a Blue Sky customer. Below is a quick comparison of the differences between the two programs. 

Luckily, even if you are already a Blue Sky customer, you can still sign up for community solar and have both services at the same time! If you want more information about this, you can talk to the staff at Oregon Shines about the best combination of these two for your home or business.

What is Oregon Shines?

Oregon Shines represents the Project Managers who are registered with the Oregon Community Solar Program. Their purpose is to build awareness of the Community Solar Projects that project managers are developing and help connect Oregon residents, businesses and organizations with clean, solar energy that is produced by these projects. Oregon Shines also handles the ongoing administration between subscribers, Project Managers, and the utilities.

How can I get started?

Learn more and sign up at today!

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