Meet Kavi, Our Rethink Waste Project Coordinator!

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Welcome, Kavi!

We are excited to have Kavi Chokshi, pronounced kuh-vee, like a covey of quails, (he/him) join The Environmental Center as the very first Program Coordinator for the Rethink Waste Project. Kavi will be working part-time in that role, while also working on starting Kavi’s Chai. Previously, Kavi worked for Central Oregon LandWatch, and comes with experience in political, entrepreneurial, web design, and marketing work. Kavi is passionate about community building and creating a culture shift around sustainability. Kavi also serves in a personal capacity as Vice-Chair of the City of Bend’s Environment and Climate Committee. Originally from India, Kavi has lived in five countries, and moved to beautiful Central Oregon in 2018 after seventeen years in Delaware. Kavi enjoys hiking, meditating, music, yoga, indoor plants, trail running, strength training, bouldering, watching good shows and movies, figure modeling, mushroom foraging, trying new things, and being present in every moment of life. He is usually found with his adorable dog, Snowy, and they’re both so grateful to live here.

To officially introduce him to the Environmental Center community, we invited Kavi to tell us more about himself, and asked him a few get to know you questions. Read on to “meet” Kavi!

We are excited to bring you on to the team! What are some things you are excited about as you learn more about the Environmental Center and the role?

And I’m equally excited to be here! I feel very fortunate to join the team. I’ve admired The Environmental Center for some time now and have been a regular at many of their events over the past few years. I’m especially excited to work with many folks that I already know in some capacity or the other. In terms of the role, I’m very much looking forward to helping expand the reach and impact of the Rethink Waste Project and the Community Innovation Fund, knowing that the more successful I am with my efforts, the more of a direct impact it’ll have on reducing waste generated here in Central Oregon.

You mentioned in your bio that you enjoy trying new things? Can you tell us about one new thing you have recently tried?

Haha, there’s so many! In the past year, I tried Tango, mushroom foraging, West Coast Swing, sound baths, breath work sessions, acupuncture treatments, cross country skiing… and I’m sure I could go on, but those are the big ones from the top of my head. I’m going to try out Country Swing dance this Thursday. Out of all of those, Tango and mushroom foraging stand out to me as hobbies I’d like to keep. I love trying new things and I’m thinking of starting a Do Something New club here, that gets people to try something new every month. I’ve come to learn to embrace it as a feature of my ADD while also finding the balance of choosing a few to focus on and go deeper.

What sustainability solution or story inspires you?

You know, I don’t really have memorable stories or solutions that my mind goes to, but instead I am inspired by so many of the folks who are working at different levels and in different ways for a more sustainable Central Oregon and Earth, and just a better world. I’m inspired by folks who do what they can, in their own little or big way, versus the handful of stories we hear about that feature extraordinary feats. I think that’s the way to creating sustained change.

What book are you currently reading? Or podcast or Tv show?

One thing people are usually surprised to hear is that I don’t read a lot of books. I end up reading a lot of short-form articles and I think my attention span probably suffers as a result. One of my goals is to make more time for reading this year. Having said that, I recently started The Overstory on audiobook and have been listening to it during my morning Pilot Butte hikes. I’m just a couple hours in, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s beautifully written. (I also can’t miss the chance to say that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.)

I don’t do podcasts at all. I’m still finishing up House of Dragon (watching it with a roommate who moved out, so it’s slow going, but enjoying having that as a thing we do) and I just finished the first episode of The Sopranos.

If Snowy could speak to you, what would your adorable dog say about your adventures here in Central Oregon?

Moving to Oregon was the best decision you’ve made, apart from finding me in Morocco. You’d think hiking Pilot Butte every morning would get old, but on the contrary, I love it more every day. Give me more chicken tagine like you used to, and less kibble, please. Also, could you cut my hair regularly, so I can see? [sees a bird or squirrel] Woof woof [proceeds to lose his mind]