Repair Café Returns to DIYcave

The Rethink Waste Project will be returning to DIYcave for a Fall Repair Café on Tuesday November 15th, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Volunteer fixers will be on hand to help fix broken items, including small appliances, clothing, knit goods, outdoor gear, electronics, jewelry, and small furniture. DIYcave staff will also be utilizing their on-site welding equipment to repair metal items needing to be welded.

“For the first time we will also be including a Hair Repair station,” said Denise Rowcroft, Rethink Waste Project Manager. “They have been done at Repair Cafés in other locations, and when a local hair stylist attended the event last spring she was open to trying it out. She will be doing minor things like trimming bangs, fixing self-cuts, and other quick things to fix people’s hair styles.”

The Rethink Waste Project, a program of The Environmental Center, has organized seasonal Repair Cafés since 2013 at different locations around Bend. Since then, volunteers have repaired over 200 items, preventing waste and conserving resources by repairing instead of replacing. The event is free and open to the public, and people are invited to bring their broken goods. Participants will also have a chance to check out DIYcave, a member-based makerspace in Bend that empowers people to undertake projects by providing a shared space for tools, equipment, training and classes.

“We’re excited to be hosting the Repair Café again. DIYcave is a perfect place to have this great event because we’re all about using the resources we have to make something great,” said co-owner Dave Danek. “The goal of the Repair Café fits right in with that ideal.”

Since this event falls on America Recycles Day, Rethink Waste Project will also be providing opportunities for people to recycle a common ‘hard to recycle’ item, CFL light bulbs. The Bend Energy Challenge will be on site giving out free, energy-efficient LED light bulbs in exchange for old CFLs. There will also be free recycling information so the public can engage in this nationwide event.