Handmade Holidays

The Environmental Center

Do It Yourself

My husband is awesome with a sewing machine. He’s made upcycled bike pannier bags, tote bags, mittens, and more for holiday gifts. Together we’ve made chalkboard mugs and homemade dog biscuits for friends and I often give people upcycled jewelry I’ve made. Of course, if you plan on making stuff yourself you need to get a move on it as the holidays are quickly approaching. So you get to support local artists and creatives while getting some green holiday shopping done.

Buy Local, Buy Handmade

Buying from local artists supports our local economy and conserves resources. Items are made right here in Central Oregon, not shipped from overseas. They often choose materials that are also local and sustainable, and that money stays here in Central Oregon, instead of padding the pockets of corporate CEO’s.

December weekends feature fun holiday gift faires at various locations in the area! Check out websites for dates and times.

If you miss a faire, you can still find a ton of local products from The Workhouse throughout the holiday shopping season.


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