Bringing solar the masses–Green Tour Site #9

CEC Community Solar


Site #9 – Central Electric Cooperative Community Solar

61090 SE 27th St, Bend

So, what exactly is a Community Solar project? It is a solar array centrally located and connected to the utility’s grid. The energy is then available for individuals to buy the power. Central Electric Cooperative customers can subscribe to the power produced to offset their utility bills. These subscription fees fund the project’s constructions, operations, and maintenance. Participants see a monthly credit on their bill that reflects the size of their subscription that “their” panels produced.

This program makes solar accessible to any CEC customer, whether they rent or own, and is a great option for homes that aren’t eligible for solar due to too much shading, roof age, or just not having enough space.

Central Electric Cooperative’s 200,000 Watt solar installation is made up of 700 Solar World panels and will produce 199,500 killo-watt-hours of clean, renewable energy each year. The project has been operational since January 2016 and still has subscription capacity of CEC customers.