Turning Kids into Scientists – Introducing Lunch Bites!


Children’s curious and intuitive minds lead to an abundance of learning opportunities. To help foster their learning habits, it has been our goal to involve and educate them as much as possible. Welcome to our first post about lunch bites! Lunch bites are a great way to engage children in quick and easy activities about a variety of educational topics. So, what exactly are lunch bites? Let’s dive in!

What are lunch bites?
The Bend-La Pine and Redmond School Districts created ‘Grab and Go’ meals last year at the beginning of the pandemic, which are available for all school-aged kids. Working together with the schools, we create simple flyers that are included in each Grab and Go meal. With an English and Spanish side, there are videos, coloring pages, and facts for kids to read about and explore.

What do lunch bites entail?
By trying to reach a wide demographic, our flyers cover a number of topics such as fun books for children to read, nature facts, food and nutrition, sustainability, and more! A QR code is included which links to a video about the topic. Children can follow along with the video as it inspects the related topic in greater detail. A coloring page will also be available on the flyer to print and draw. 

What’s the point of lunch bites?
Our goal is to keep kids learning, engaged, and interested in topics about the world around them. These flyers are for both children and parents alike, as it will allow everyone to work together to gain a greater knowledge of broad, interesting topics! 


Today we will share one lunch bite that focuses on a phenomenon that occurs in nature when rain and sunshine meet! Check out this blog each week and follow us on Instagram (@envirocenterbend) for weekly updates.