Green Holiday Tip #6: Buy Local

shop local

What is it you appreciate about living in Central Oregon?  Whether it’s the mountains and rivers, family and community or our high desert weather, chances are it’s not because we have big box stores located here.  Our communities are made up of small businesses that are owned by people invested in our region.  They provide jobs here, utilize other small businesses for their needs, and reinvest in our communities through sponsorships and donations for schools, non-profits, and community projects.  Many local retailers will feature local and regional products, reducing the need for excess packaging and carbon emissions that lengthy travel necessitates.

Retailers get about 40% of their annual income around the holidays, often ensuring they stay in business during the lean months at the beginning of each year.  So if you’re going to go shopping and buy stuff anyway, when you shop local you know that your purchase will benefit more than the gift recipient.

Ways to Support Local This Holiday

  • Shop downtown – Bend, Redmond & Sisters all have great shops to choose from.
  • Gift cards – Many local businesses provide gift certificates and gift cards to be sure your loved one gets what they want.
  • Cook with local ingredients – check out Agricultural Connections and Central Oregon Locavore to support local while eating fresh.
  • Check out art and craft fairs – check local papers for upcoming events.
  • Far-flung family will love Oregon products – give them a piece of our local communities!
  • Local is there too – when shopping for out of town folks, keep their local business in mind too.  The internet makes it easy to buy gift cards from their own community!

Supporting local businesses, at the holidays and throughout the year, ensures that our hard-earned money infuses local communities and benefits local economies, which is better for all of us in the end.

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