Think Local, Act Local When it Comes to Climate

climate reportThe recently released National Climate Assessment  gives us a stark glimpse into how carbon emissions will not only affect our country, but the local livability we cherish so much. While some impacts, like increased droughts and forest fires, are now deemed unavoidable, the future of our local and global climate can be mitigated through our personal and collective choices and actions. Read a summary of this report from Climate Progress.

The Climate Assessment also allows us to dial in expected impacts to the Pacific Northwest, including a quicker melting snow pack here in the Cascades. For Oregon specific data gleaned from the report read The Bulletin’s recent front page article.

Reports like this require action, of a personal and collective nature. Join us in helping reduce Bend’s own carbon emissions by taking personal steps at home and at work, as well as supporting our new Clean Energy Challenge as it unfolds over these next few months.