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88.9 KPOV, High Desert Community Radio

A local non-profit radio station promoting an engaged thoughtful community, KPOV is radio by the people for the people of Central Oregon. We strengthen community and democracy through grassroots participation in independent, non-commercial radio.

What is KPOV?

KPOV 88.9 High Desert Community Radio is the only non-profit radio station broadcasting from Bend. KPOV can be heard throughout Deschutes County and Prineville.

Going on-air in June 2005, KPOV is the creation of many community members who saw the need in central Oregon for a non-commercial radio station.

What does KPOV do that’s different?

As a community radio station, KPOV provides:

  • Content not found elsewhere on the radio dial
  • A forum for Citizens to tell their own stories, to share experiences, and to create media
  • Local dialogue of civic affairs, the arts, the environment, and health issues through seven local talk shows, including The Point, on-air daily at 9 a.m.
  • A huge range of music genres not heard anywhere else on-air
  • Non-partisan coverage of political candidate debates
  • Live broadcast of local music festivals
  • Youth education program

How does the community interact with KPOV?

  • Over 70 dedicated volunteers produce and host over 40 music and talk radio shows
  • All community members are invited to produce a show, speak on-air about issues, and support programming through membership
  • Local musicians get an opportunity to play their music on-air
  • Teens get hands-on experience creating media by honing their writing and speaking skills and producing and hosting Youth Radio Hour

How can I support community radio?

  • Start listening to KPOV 88.9 FM!
  • Become a member
  • Volunteer at the radio station, during membership drives, and at KPOV events
  • Become a business underwriter – financial support in return for on-air spots
  • Go online at www.kpov.org and learn more!  Check the schedule for music or talk that interests you!
  • Follow KPOV on Facebook and Twitter or get our e-newsletter

For more information call 541-322-0863 or go online at kpov.org.

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