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Humm Kombucha, LLC

What’s all the Humm about? It’s incredably tasty. Kids love it, moms are thrilled about it, and even the Seattle Seahawks have partnered with Humm. It takes lots of love and the highest-grade organic ingredients to create Humm. Wheather you’ve tried kombucha or not, we invite you to experience Humm!

Based in Bend, Oregon, Humm Kombucha LLC is a fast-growing company in the rapidly-expanding kombucha market. Kombucha, for the uninitiated, is a lightly effervescent brewed tea that the Chinese have called “the elixir of life” due to its inherently healthy attributes. It’s also a beverage that’s becoming immensely popular around the world.

Humm Kombucha founders Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell started their company in 2009 on foundations of accessibility, sustainability and positive energy, with the mission to get kombucha into the hands of as many people as possible. In the ensuing years, they’ve made strides toward fulfilling that mission by guiding the company from a kitchen-based cottage industry to a large-scale full production facility.

Jamie and Michelle’s desire to give everyone access to kombucha has been a driver in the company’s vision of affordable pricing and offering kombucha in conventional grocery and convenience stores, not just health food stores and upscale markets kombucha is often associated with.

Humm Kombucha has differentiated itself with mouthwatering flavors (including Pomegranate Lemonade, Lemon Ginger, Apple Sass and Coconut Lime), by using only high quality ingredients and with a first-of-its-kind kombucha tap room where visitors and locals can sample brews and fill up a growler.  Humm was one of the first kombucha brewers to put kombucha on tap, and its abundant fill stations are reaching a wider audience every month, allowing consumers to fill and refill environmentally-friendly growlers. Additionally, Humm can be purchased in fun, artfully crafted bottles.

Customers can find Humm Kombucha in retail stores throughout 20 states, with more states soon to come. To find Humm Kombucha nearest to you visit humm.com/find-humm

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