Green Spotlight: Humm Kombucha

From the early days as “Kombucha Mama” to ”Humm Kombucha” today, being sustainable and working to benefit the community has been an important part of operations at Humm. Among the many sustainability measures Humm has in place to maintain their status as a Green Spot Member, there are a couple things we’d like to highlight because they really speak to our mission to embed sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon.

May is Bike to Work and School month, and Humm encourages employees to participate by having weekly raffles for those who bike commute during the month. As part of their rapid growth – they went national this year, built a new facility, and expanded their staff – keeping a health oriented family feel has been a key component.  Humm wants their staff to choose healthy commute options when possible and to acknowledge when team members make choices that are better for the community and themselves.

Another great example of Humm’s commitment to sustainability is their investment in the growler culture. Every time you choose to fill a growler of kombucha, 4.5 bottles are diverted from the waste stream. From the beginning, Humm invested heavily in kegs with the intent of driving consumers to growler fill stations.

When we, here at The Environmental Center, say we “embed sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon” we are talking about inspiring people to make choices that reduce waste and pollution. Green Spot businesses are important because their practices can have impacts that reach large numbers of people. Whether it’s empowering employees to ride bikes to work or driving customers to the tap instead of the bottle, businesses have tremendous power to change individual behavior. Thanks to Humm Kombucha for being responsible with their influence.