Buying in Bulk: What’s the Big Deal?

October 22, 2019

In considering whether or not to buy in bulk, there are many pros. And in my book, there are also some challenges. (To clarify, for the purposes of this posting, bulk is when you can get any amount of something you want.  Pre-packaged items do not count.) First, here are some benefits: Less packaging waste […]

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4 Trail Food Ideas With Rethink Waste In Mind

June 11, 2019

Just because you’re heading out in the wilderness, doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly. It also doesn’t mean you have to throw your Rethink Waste lifestyle out the window. Don’t you find it frustrating when you see that little corner of someone’s Clifbar wrapper that fell out of their pocket along the trail? There […]

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Back to School Lunches Zero Waste Style

September 20, 2018

Back to school means school lunches! In our house we have a 5 year old Food Hero (she’ll try it, but she often just doesn’t like it), whose tastes are not reliable. When I took these photos she decided she didn’t like yogurt covered raisins anymore (cause raisins are on the outs, at least for […]

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Combating Food Waste: Deschutes County and Beyond!

June 6, 2018

  There are so many amazing food waste prevention initiatives happening in the world right now. Below are some incredibly positive changes happening from businesses and individuals that are really making a difference! THE EPA-DEVELOPED “FOOD: TOO GOOD TO WASTE” CHALLENGE Here in Deschutes County, well over 900 households have signed up to take the Rethink Food Waste Challenge. […]

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Smart Storage For Your Food and How to Navigate Dates on Food Products

June 3, 2018

Smart storage is a lot of things. The main idea is, however, to store stuff correctly and store it in a place where you will find it. So we need to concentrate on methods of storage AND organization! Tip #1 – Know how to store different kinds of produce First, check out this Smart Storage Information […]

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Young Children Waste So. Much. Food. Here are some tips from living with one.

May 30, 2018

If you’ve dined with small children lately, you probably noticed they wasted food. Like a lot. It goes with the territory, and it can be rough sometimes. Abstract things like money, waste, hunger, food justice, etc., can be difficult to explain to small children. You just have to do the best you can. Here are […]

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Rethink Food Waste: Prep Smarter

May 27, 2018

Give yourself a little time after getting back from the grocery store to put your food away properly! Learn how to Prep Smarter. Tip #1: Prep It Now If you are using your Shop Smarter Menu Plan, you already have an idea of what you have that you can prepare right now.  When you get home […]

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Rethink Food Waste: Shop Smarter and technology

May 23, 2018

The age of technology means we have an utterly overwhelming supply of information at our fingertips. Sometimes it’s a bane, but often a blessing! I just found some food on the verge of going bad that needs to be used tonight. What should I do? 5 ways to reduce food waste with technology: Make a […]

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Rethink Food Waste: Shop Smarter

May 20, 2018

Way more often than not, we spend more money at the grocery store than we need to. We get lured in by “buy one get one free” and “2 for 1” – you can save money doing this, but only if you actually eat what you buy We buy what’s on sale – yes you […]

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Avoid Leftover Leftovers

December 14, 2016

As mentioned in an earlier post, we create an additional 25% more waste over the holiday period, and a part of that can be attributed to the increase in holiday parties this time of year.  Food waste in America is actually a big problem – some statistics say that 40% of food is wasted between […]

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