Join the Climate Movement Challenge!

a parade travels down a street in Bend Oregon. the leader of the parade holds a flagpole with an earth flag and a LGBTQ+ pride flag, as well as a banner reading "earth day fair and parade"

Get outside and move in the name of climate action! That’s what The Environmental Center is challenging central Oregonians to do this summer, as we launch our biggest fundraising campaign yet: the Climate Movement Challenge

As we celebrate 35 years as a local nonprofit organization with a mission to embed sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon, TEC aims to raise $35,000 to support our programs which, in unique ways, tackle climate change and its impact both locally and globally.

About the Challenge

The challenge for you: turn your movement into money! From June 10th to August 8th, track your steps, miles, routes, or gains this summer then nominate your friends and family to do the same, or simply to donate to your campaign directly in support of your efforts. Set an activity goal and share selfies, fun clips, or updates along with a link to your own Climate Movement fundraising page to win prizes. Supporters are encouraged to sign up as an individual or join a fundraising team with their coworkers, friends, or families, to stoke a healthy competition. The inspiration for the campaign came from other popular peer to peer fundraisers, but TEC decided to take our own, outdoorsy twist on things. In true Central Oregon fashion, TEC staff are inspired to get the community outdoors, moving for fun, and appreciating the natural world around them as a reminder of why it’s crucial to protect it for future generations.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Watch our step by step instructional video here to learn how to make your own fundraising page that you can then share with your network to raise money (or scroll down to read the directions):

Step 1: Visit the Environmental Center’s fundraising page

Step 2: Click “I want to fundraise for this”

Step 2: Set up your own Give Lively account

Step 3: Set an activity goal and share a selfie of the activities you’re doing this summer, along with your own fundraising page

Step 4: Donate what you can to get the ball rolling and encourage others to match or exceed your donation!

Don’t forget to tag the Environmental Center in your posts when you share with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms! (@envirocenterbend)

Win Prizes!

The more people you reach, the more you will raise and the closer you will come to winning prizes yourself! We will wrap up the fundraiser at our annual Supporter Appreciation event on August 8th and name winners and give out prizes at that time.

Donations from THREE different people– Collect a TEC sticker and wildflower seed packet to start your own growing this season!

Donations from SIX different people – Free drink from our favorite local coffee shops!

Donations from TEN different people- Reusable tote bag made from repurposed and upcycled material from Saint Charles Hospital.

Donations from FIFTEEN different people- Two free tickets to The Environmental Center’s Annual Fundraiser, Mountainfilm on Tour – Bend!

*Donations must be at least $10 to be considered for the above prizes.