To Sprawl or Not to Sprawl?

The City of Bend Needs YOU to Help Answer This Question

bendUGPThe Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) might sound abstract and less-than-thrilling, but it couldn’t be more relevant to Bend’s future. Do we want sprawl or more infill and density? Do we want suburban, car-oriented growth or more compact, transit-friendly growth?

The City of Bend recently began another (hopefully final) UGB planning process in which elements of a previously submitted plan are being redone.

In the City’s words, the “project is an opportunity for us to establish a new long-term vision for how Bend should grow in the future. One of the City’s key objectives is to use land, public infrastructure, and resources more efficiently, thereby encouraging development that saves residents and businesses a significant amount of money over the long term. Ultimately, this project should make Bend a better place to live, work, and play in the years to come!”

“The UGB project is also an opportunity for us to ensure that smart-growth and environmentally-sound planning principles shape Bend’s future,” says Mike Riley, executive director of The Environmental Center. “How we design, plan and build our city is key to reducing our environmental footprint and lowering our carbon emissions.”

The City of Bend is seeking Bend residents to serve on three Technical Advisory Committees (TAC). Don’t be deterred by the word “technical.” The City wants and needs broad community representation on the committees, not just the usual suspects. All interested parties are encouraged to apply.

Please consider applying to serve on one of the committees. And please help us spread the word!

To learn more about the UGB planning process and the committees, click here.

Choices will be made about how Bend grows. Let’s make sure that a broad range of perspectives makes those choices. Get involved and have a say in our City’s future.To apply to serve on a committee, click hereThe application deadline is Friday, July 11th.

Questions? Contact Mike or 541-385-6908 x19.