Sign Up for 2019-2020 Youth Education Programs

This blog post is especially geared toward our phenomenal educators in Central Oregon.

Back to school, back to school! It’s time to sign up for FREE environmental education programs with The Environmental Center. This year, we are bringing more programs to you with a new educator (you’ll have a chance to meet her in an upcoming blog post, as today was her first day!), new and updated lessons, and more outreach across Central Oregon schools.

Here’s a rundown of our programs including a brief summary, grade levels offered, and how to sign up. Trust us – we wish we could be in every school each year, but with limited capacity and time, signing up early is key!

  • Earthsmart Series
    • Students discover their impact on the environment through their daily choices at home and school
    • The full series, complete with 6-8 classroom lessons and a field trip to the landfill (dependent on school district), is available for 4th and 5th grade
    • Lessons themes include: Natural resources, carbon footprint impact, waste impact in terms of garbage, recycling, and compost, food waste, water, and pollution (More detailed info about each lesson can be found here)
  • Sustainability Series
    • Aligned with Oregon State Health Standards, this two-part series examines the interrelationship between human and environmental health
    • Series consists of two lessons (typically back to back days) lasting a class period each; can be taught to multiple class periods per day
  • Water Education-Bend
    • In partnership with the City of Bend, The Environmental Center engages students in NGSS aligned hands-on learning about human interaction with the water cycle and how their choices can support a sustainable future for Bend’s water supply
    • Four classroom lessons for middle school students and two for elementary students
    • The classroom lessons are supported by optional half-day field trips to:
      * Bend’s Outback Water Filtration Facility and Bridge Creek Intake
      * Riverbend and Farewell Bend Parks to study stormwater
  • Water Education-Redmond
    • In partnership with the City of Redmond, The Environmental Center presents a free program focused on human interaction with the water cycle and wastewater treatment
    • Hands-on NGSS lesson that provides context for a half-day field trip to Redmond’s wastewater plant

To learn more and schedule any of our programs, please fill out the request form at the bottom of our Youth Ed program page.

We love working with dedicated educators each year throughout Bend LaPine, Redmond, Sisters, Culver, Madras, and Prineville! One student from Redmond reflected on the Earthsmart series:

“The lessons were fun and we learned to keep our earth healthy with smart choices.”– 5th grader

We’re looking forward to another great school year working with new and familiar faces. We hope to see you in your classroom!

–TEC’s Youth Ed Team
Jackie Wilson, Youth Education Director
Becca Gilbert, Earthsmart and Outdoor School Program Coordinator, Sustainability Educator
Geneva Mayall, Bend and Redmond Water Program Coordinator, Sustainability Educator