Reusable bags at Whole Foods = support for our work!

We are excited to share that The Environmental Center has been selected as the Bag Donation Program recipient at Whole Foods Market in Bend this winter! Here’s how it works…

When you bring in your reusable bags for groceries, you’ll have the option to receive a ten-cent credit, OR to donate ten cents to a selected nonprofit organization. Local organizations are selected every quarter (four times per year) as recipients. The Environmental Center is currently the recipient in Bend until March 31, 2020!

Cashiers should be asking customers how they’d like to use their credit – but here’s a friendly reminder to be proactive in applying the credit to the donation program. In years past, this program has delivered over $1,300 to support our School Gardens program, which connects kids to outdoor classrooms and garden education. That’s a big deal for us, and we’d be thrilled to see similar support in the New Year so that we can strengthen our impact across Central Oregon.

Questions? Give us a call at 541-385-6908.

P.S. The statewide single-use plastic bag ban is now in effect, so be sure to keep reusable bags in your car, backpack, purse, pannier, etc. It’s time to make it a habit. Paying 5 cents extra for a paper bag every time is not the answer. In fact, you would need to use a paper bag at least 7 times to have the same environmental impact as a plastic grocery bag. Of course, buying a new reusable bag every time and stockpiling them in your pantry is also not a great solution. If you don’t have a reusable shopping bag yet, the City of Bend gave us some ‘Bring Your Bag Bend’ ones share – so stop by our office at 16 NW Kansas Ave. to grab your own!