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Save Energy

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time. How we create and use energy are some of the largest drivers of carbon emissions here in the US. Doing what you can to use less energy, either through efficiency upgrades or through conservation are important steps to transitioning away from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy.

The Bend Energy Challenge is a program of The Environmental Center that was created to help everyone in Bend save energy and make their homes healthier and more comfortable. The Challenge is hoping to help Bend residents realize their Energy Hero potential because being a superhero doesn’t take superhuman strength or a super fat wallet.

In fact, small changes can make a big – really big – difference. If we all start making small changes today, we can have an immediate and substantial impact on the amount of energy that our Bend uses. Here’s an example of how awesome the collective power of community is: If every home in Bend were to switch 8 incandescent light bulbs super efficient LEDS, we would save $2.6 million!

Check out the Bend Energy Challenge website for a variety of resources: Low-cost and DIY projects, efficient lighting, upgrading your appliances, energy assessments, solar and more. Better yet, join our team of Energy Heroes to get exclusive deals to make your home more comfortable.

Interested in making the switch to LEDS? For free?FB-Promo---BEC-orange

Learn more about The Bend Energy Challenge’s free LED program and get up to 16 FREE LEDS.


The Bend Energy Challenge is Bend’s team in a nationwide energy-saving competition with a $5 million prize. That’s right, $5 million bucks that would be re-invested back into our community so that we can continue to save even more energy.

Buy Green Power

Buying green power from your local electric utility is easy to do.  It requires a small increase in your businesses monthly bill but no special equipment or a significant capital investment.

These programs add electrons from renewable sources—wind, solar and geothermal—to our regional power grid.  And they might earn your business some recognition for its commitment to green power. Learn more about your utility’s programs by clicking one of the links below.