Recycle Right for America Recycles Day!


America Recycles Day, the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States, is just around the corner on November 15th, and the Rethink Waste Project is here to help. Follow our 3 steps below to help your household or workplace Recycle Right!

STEP1: Recycle Right

Recycling is important, but only if we do it right. Review your local recycling preparation flyer below to make sure you know what goes in, and what goes out.

STEP 2: Use Our Clear Signs & Labels

A successful recycling station is clearly labeled so everyone knows what goes where. We’ve developed labels and clear signage that you can use in your home, office, vacation rental, apartment complex, or community space so that everyone is on the same page. View and download each, and print and laminate if you can, for better long term use. Here are some ideas on where and how to use them.

STEP 3: Think Outside The Bin

We have a database of over 100 items that can be recycled somewhere – your curbside bin, a transfer station, or maybe at a local business. Check out our Find A Recycler/Reuser database to help you get your unwanted items a new life.

Why Can’t I Recycle That?

It makes more sense to know that you can’t recycle plastic tub lids because they often get caught between stacks of papers and end up getting shipped to a paper mill. Check out our Recycle FAQ to find out why we can and can’t recycle certain materials here.

The Rethink Waste Project is a project of The Environmental Center. We partner with local service providers including Bend Garbage & Recycling and High Country Disposal, and theDeschutes County Department of Solid Waste, to provide a one stop shop for all the resources you need to ReduceReuseRecycle and Compost here in Deschutes County.


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