Statewide Joint Task Force on Resilient Efficient Buildings (REBuilding)

We have been working hard for the last two years on statewide policy to help decarbonize buildings through our support of the Reach Code Bill. Although this bill never came to a vote, the Oregon Legislature created a Resilient and Efficient buildings (REBuilding) joint task force. The job of this task force will be to propose legislative solutions to reach state climate goals while maximizing co-benefits around resilience, equity, and affordability. 

Our Climate and Transportation Policy Manager Neil was appointed to fill one of the two Environment and Climate seats on the task force.

What's Next?

The task force will have bi-monthly meetings from April through August of 2023. With Neil at the table, we are advocating for the following strong outcomes:

  • Strong legislative supporters in the coming Legislative sessions
  • A broad set of allies
  • A roadmap of how we can get both our existing and new construction to decarbonize and meet our state climate goals

Where do YOU come in? Learn more at

Community Climate Action in Bend

After two years of hard work by our staff and other local climate activists, the Bend City Council adopted a Climate Action Resolution in December 2016. The Resolution set community-wide fossil fuel reduction goals of 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2050 and directed staff to develop a Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP). That plan, developed collaboratively by community stakeholders and City staff, was adopted on December 4th, 2019. Our own Lindsey Hardy, Energy Challenge Program Director, chaired the citizen committee that oversaw development of the plan.

The CCAP includes 20 strategies and 42 related actions that consider environmental, social and financial impacts in four key emission areas: Energy Supply, Energy in Buildings, Transportation, and Waste and Materials. Learn more by reviewing the Executive Summary or the full CCAP.

What's Next?

Neil Baunsgard, our Climate and Transportation Policy Manager, was appointed to the City of Bend’s new Environment and Climate Committee in Fall 2020. This Committee, comprised of ten community members, will oversee implementation of the Community Climate Action Plan and develop specific policy and program recommendations for the City Council to implement.

Where do YOU come in? The Council will need to keep hearing from Bend residents that climate action remains a priority.

  • You can tune in to monthly Committee meetings online, and/or view the recordings here.
  • Sign up to receive email updates on the progress of the C-CAP here.

Re-Shaping Bend's Transportation System

In 2018, the City of Bend launched an update of its transportation system plan (TSP), to set transportation policies, programs and infrastructure investments through 2040. Our executive director was appointed as one of four co-chairs of the city-wide transportation advisory committee (CTAC), to oversee development of the new TSP and recommend a final plan to the City Council.

During the two-year process, we advocated for increased investments in walking, biking and transit, which are key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as meeting the daily transportation needs of those who cannot drive or afford a car. We also advocated for explicit transportation equity policies. In August of 2020, the Bend City Council adopted a new transportation plan that reflects these priorities.

In fall 2020, we also co-chaired the campaign to pass Measure 9-135, Bend’s transportation bond measure, which included over $60 million in improving safety, walking, biking and transit over the next ten years.

That’s the biggest investment in these parts of our transportation system in Bend’s history. And the measure passed with 58% of of the vote! Learn more about the bond projects here.

What's Next?

The Bend City Council City appointed an 11-person Transportation Bond Oversight Committee to provide information to the public on the progress of projects funded by the bond, as well as recommend metrics for prioritization, scheduling, and sequencing. You can view past and future committee meetings on the TBOC webpage linked above.

Where do YOU come in? Passing the bond measure was only the first step to turn the Bend’s new transportation plan into reality. 

There is still a lot of work to do to ensure that the policies and programs in the plan are fully implemented and fully funded. Stay tuned for ways you can help us hold our City’ leaders accountable to a sustainable, safe and equitable transportation system.