Making Bird Feeders with your Family

Sumer is in full swing, and even just spending a quick moment outside brings about many different songs from birds all around. One of the best parts of Summer is being able to see a bird nest high in a tree and knowing they are taking care of their young. This week’s Lunch Bite Highlight focuses on creating homemade bird feeders you can put near your home and provide a yummy snack. 

During our Winter Ecology Forest Explorers sessions, creating bird feeders was one of our favorite activities to do! It is an extremely easy and fun activity that you can do with your family.

The bird feeders we created only need five things: a pine cone, peanut butter, bird seed, string, and an eager scientist! 

  1. The first step is to find a pine cone that fits your preference. Are you looking for a huge pine cone to feed lots of birds? Or maybe a smaller one to keep a little tucked away? Searching for the perfect pine cone can be a fun way to get your little ones outside to complete their mission. 
  2. Next, cut a long piece of string and tie it around the pine cone. Leave a foot or two of string hanging off your pine cone so you can hang it outside. A piece of FOUND or RESUED string is even better! 
  3. Then, spread your peanut butter all around your pine cone. Try to get as much of your pine cone covered as possible. 
  4. After spreading your peanut butter on your pine cone, the next step is to cover the peanut butter with bird seed. This part of the activity is flexible, as you can add whatever you want to your peanut butter. Bird seed, oats, nuts, or whatever you have that is healthy for birds to eat. 
  5. The last step is to hang up your pine cone! You can tie it to a tree branch, or maybe the roof of your deck- wherever you want. Have your young scientists make observations through the next few days to see what types of visitors you get!

Our Lunch Bite Highlight provides additional fun bird feeders that you can make out of recycled material in your home. If you don’t live somewhere with a lot of pine cones, you can use a toilet paper roll instead! Watch the video in our Lunch Bite Highlight to see more ways to make bird feeders.

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